Welcome to the new phase of retail

Why KudiGO

We set out to reach out and create an ecosystem where each and every individual stakeholder engaged in any form of retail on the continent can have a clear path to business growth, scale and sustainability.

Why Africa

Africa is home to over 1.2billion consumers of retail products with a projected spending power of over $2.5 trillion USD , we are a continent with an abundance of potential; what we lack is the necessary usable

The Impact

percent (60%) of africa’s population are in rural areas with limitations such as access to electricity and data connectivity being very prevalent; these limitations have a direct impact on business and the


By providing a solution that focuses on the core business of retail in Africa, we will be able to directly offer education on financial literacy and enable financial inclusion in a market which although heavily

Our Story

The story of KudiGO begins with our founder’s discovery of a personal problem, which led to more discoveries of the extent to which we could use our knowledge of technology to grow our contient. Raised by his grandma, Kingsley credits his entire livelihood to this wonderful woman who has owned a micro retail outlet for over 30 years, of which proceeds she used to take care of all her children and Kingsley her grand-child. Thus when a few years ago, she took a loan of $100 from a microfinance and she was charged over 40% interest rate on the loan which almost crippled her business, Kingsley sought to find out how he could help her and millions of Africans like her to use technology in structuring their business for investment and scale; that was the genesis of the KudiGo story.

With our core problem statement defined, we at KudiGo are focused on developing usable technology

KudiGO is a retail tech and fintech oriented BIG DATA company. Our products we deploy are built on the

We are creating an ecosystem of solution for consumer retail in Africa across every niche segment


Chief Enabler
Kingsley Abrokwah
Chief Operating Enabler
Yaa Prince-Boateng
Chief Customer Enabler
Irina Oduro
PR Enabler
Dorothy Safoa Owusu
Data Science Enabler
Kwame Owusu-Ansah
Technology Growth Enabler
Gideon Boateng Adjekum
Mobile Innovations Enabler
Bright Ahedor
Enterprise Innovations Enabler
Lucky Dogbey

Board Of Directors

Board Chairman
Mr Kofi Kwakwa
Board Member
Ms. Carol Annan
Board Member
Mr Kamal Harilal
Board Secretary
Miss Yaa Prince Boateng
Board Member
Mr John Fohr


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