The Need For Speed

The need for speed is truly prioritized in the African retail sphere. Retailers need to sell faster, restock quickly, deck the shelves, process the sales, get a receipt, adjust quantity at the sound of a shot; sometimes multiple times in a day. Quicker and better ways of doing things are always discussed among retailer-peers.

When you walk into the main markets of Accra (as is my range of true market hustle and bustle), such as Makola, Kokomlemle and Dome; the sales personnel are always on a timer to ensure that they can service all the clients in record time. This is one of the main ways to boost client retention in these spheres, making sure that you do not delay your customer (who is almost always another retailer). No extras and “ntoso)” will suffice a client’s wasted time.

The typical scenario on a busy day looks like; at least, 5 customers making large (bulky) purchases at the same time (while also asking for prices, alternatives, delivery options and available quantity). The business owner or shop manager present, usually answers all these questions while the sales agents go around picking and collecting everything the customer requested.

When every customer is confident that they have chosen everything they wish to purchase, they move to the shop owner (usually with the calculator) to determine their total price and get their receipts after payment.

This scenario does not run quite like what we see in the West, where available space and different structure allow customers to get the maximum information on an item without necessarily interacting with the shop staff ie, before payment. The larger an item, product prices are memorized, available quantity is deduced at a glance (by the shop keeper), alternatives are not always kept in the same area, thus ensuring that the business owner is always hands-on with the day-to-day sales of their business.

With this in mind, making a sales software that does not take into consideration the need for speed of these retailers can deem the app not useful for local Merchants. KudiGo StoreFront has recently introduced a quick sale feature that allows merchants to sell quickly, without products. It is a pure speed, instant receipt-ing Tool that will transform the way African retailers manage their sales.

Managing your business with a retail app should not be daunting, and much less interruptive of your everyday process. Download the StoreFront app today and tailor your very own digital processes, which would boost your business oversight and performance in the 21st century Africa.

Choose a sales app that works for your phone, your computer, your POS and can mimic your usual “calculator-and pen” approach while cranking out accurate profit margins on a daily basis. Choose StoreFront, choose the best business management software in Africa.

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