Why We Joined Google Black Founders Fund; A CTO’s Perspective

About a week ago, we shared with everyone our inclusion in the Google Black Founders Fund Africa 2022 cohorts. Joining an accelerator is always a big decision for both the startups and the accelerator; for us at KudiGO out Engineering team played a pivotal role in us joining this cohort; in this blog our CTO will share a few reasons why he saw this as a game changer us; enjoy;🤩


As a co-founder, Gideon has been the architect of KudiGO’s technology infrastructure across all platform. With a background in software engineering and a special bias towards python as a programming language, Gideon has built and shaped KudiGo’s system to a serverless service processing millions of data in real-time.

Going serverless means a lot of micro-services and a need to have a robust Dev-Ops setup to cater for continuous deployment and efficiency of scale.

The team has always seen Google Cloud as the path to scale, but with any cloud infrastructure. the learning curve is always a problem for startups with no time to spare.

The Google Black Founders Fund gives KudiGo the one in a lifetime chance to gain domain knowledge on Google Cloud and leverage same in migrating our serverless architecture to Google Cloud. With over $100k in cloud credits, learning resources and on-call support; this evidently become one of the pivotal reasons for joining the program.

Its an exciting journey and we intend to document and share our experience as we move our infrastructure to Google Cloud. Interested? Follow this blog for constant updates.

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