KudiG Releases Impact Survey On MSME’s In Ghana

To download the report; please click here.

As part of its efforts to strengthen their understanding of the MSME retail space in Ghana; KudiGo Inc; an african digital commerce startup has published an impact survey on how technology solutions has impacted the business and growth of MSME’s in Ghana.

The survey was conducted via a WhatsApp Chat bot to a select group of users of KudiGo’ storefront Solution In Ghana. The theme for the survey was shaped around these topics

  • Impact on financial resilience
  • Impact on income
  • Usage of extra money
  • Sociodemography
  • Income Tenure
  • Platform Usage
  • Business Category
  • Employment generation.
The research outcome showed an impressive growth in the platform usage and an equally impressive outcome on its impact for the MSMEs. Over 50% of respondents said they were confident they had what it takes to face unforeseen situations; a further 32% said they had seen a growth in revenue since using the Storefront Platform.

According to Kingsley Abrokwah (Founder & Chief Enabler) of KudiGo; the outcome of this survey has given them insights on the need for a direct inventory financing plug in with their core storefront offering to help MSMEs grow and leverage on policies like the AFCFTA. He is of the view that access to capital can be streamlined and made accessible if access to verifiable data on MSMEs is made possible by platforms like theirs.

To download the report; please click here.

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