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Introducing RapidGate

KudiGo RapidGate is a product designed for distributors and suppliers who provide goods directly to retailers in sub-saharan Africa; The goal of this product is to offer this segment of the consumer retail value chain accessibility, and control of their retail and distribution network, via a solution, designed as a modularized product for their specific use cases.


Why Choose RapidGate ?

The Supply and distribution retail values chain lack accessibility and control over their distribution networks. RapidGate has been designed to give complete oversight to the wholesalers, distributors and suppliers.

The mobile appplication has been designed to focus on very specific aspects of the solutions, as defined by each customer segmentation. The primary users of the mobile application will be;

RapidGate system can mainly be accessed via a MOBILE WEB APPLICATION. This will ensure ease of total access by every user and stakeholder, delivering on our promise of convenience.

Who is RapidGate for?

RapidGate has been designed for the following customer segment:


Product Wholesalers

This category refers to users who buy directly from BULK FMCG distributor, or directly for the FMCG in-country, and abroad.

Product Distributors

This category refers to users who buy from WHOLESALERS

Product Suppliers

This category refers to users who operate on their own or are part of the above two segments.